Senior Pastor - Apostle David A Boyd

Senior Pastor David A. Boyd

Dr. David Boyd’s the founder and pastor of Harvest Time Ministries International, the founder and president of Tampa Bay Bible College, and the former Administration of Harvest Time Christian Academy of Excellence.

Apostle/Dr. Boyd’s a person who possesses the heart of God and is in profound pursuit of “kingdom order vision”, He is the husband to Dr. Harriet B Boyd, Co-Founder of Harvest Time Ministries International and is blessed to be the father to three daughters, Joiada, El Psalms and Hope Radiance.

Apostle/Dr. Boyd has been in ministry for over three decades. He has taught in the field of social work for over 20 years in the states of New York and Florida. He received his Bachelor degree from Mercy college in New York, He holds a doctoral degree in Christian Psychology and also in Theology, from Jacksonville Theological Seminary. Apostle/Dr. Boyd currently serves on the Advisory Board of the State of Florida of Independent Colleges and Universities.

Pastor David A. BoydHe has been in Christian leadership from the young age of 12. He has proven to posses the heart of servant and love for all people. This fact along has earned him the level of trust and faith from all who come into contact with him. He is indeed a great leader for he is a great motivator of the heart of men. He has served his father in the tent ministry and evangelistic field from New York State throughout the south on many evangelical tent meeting as the praise and worship leader, He has preached in well over dozens of churches across the nation and has always been sought after and well received. Apostle/Dr. Boyd’ is a man of God for “such time like these”. His cry is for holiness, “without which no man shall see the Lord”.

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